WordPress – Why You Should Use It


However, a Custom Management System like WordPress eliminates this. There are thousands of customizable WordPress themes you can use to design your site and then use the multitude of WordPress tutorials to help you write your pages and and add contact forms, social media icons, etc.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is extremely SEO friendly. There’s nothing worse than having a great site built, but not be able to attract site visitors in hopes of turning them into paying customers. WordPress’s structure is built with SEO in mind. You can automatically set the links on your site to be optimized for the search engines. Add to that a huge amount of user-friendly SEO plugins that help you optimize the content on your pages and blog posts, and you’re ready to go! In fact, some of our clients come to us with websites already built, but have us build the blog on WordPress to mimic the look of their regular site so no one knows the blog is built on something completely different!

Easy to Use

So let’s say your website has a “Contact Us” page (FYI….it should). You don’t need to know the PHP programming language to add the contact form to the page. Instead, you login to your WordPress dashboard, select “Add New” under the plugins menu (on the left side of the page), search for a plugin using the keyword “contact form” (we recommend Contact Form 7 and cforms), add the plugin and follow the plugin instructions. Need a cool photo gallery? There’s a plugin for that. Need your Twitter feed to show up on your website? There’s a plugin for that too!

Money Savings

Okay, so we’re actually going to cost ourselves some business on this one. Website updates can be expensive and here’s why. Once your website is built, most web developers will charge more than a standard hourly rate, because they never really know how long it will take to make a change. Trust us, what looks like a 5-minute change can easily turn into a couple of hours if you’re not careful. You no doubt already know the exorbitant costs of starting a business and it’s hard to factor website updates into your budget. However, because of the ease of use, a website owner can easily make changes to pages, posts (and sometimes even themes) without hiring a developer to do so.