Why You Need a Website

I think we can all agree that today’s companies need an online presence. But why? Your website is more than just place to put your services, products, etc. Your site is an extension of your brand (of course, your logo identifies your brand). Think of it as a large resume-a place to showcase your talents, exemplary service, and value (forget about pricing for now).

People want to know they are getting value for the product or service they purchased. They will no doubt research your competitors to get a feel for competitive pricing and better value. You would be surprised at how many startups had an attractive, web 2.0 website designed before they sold anything. Why? Because consumers want to feel comfortable when they visit your website.

So What Makes a Good Website?

Many think it’s easy to create a website. Well, it’s easy to create a basic website, but not one that engages potential clients and gives them a reason to stay on your site and buy a product or service. A good website uses soothing dark colors. Contrary to what many people think, bright colors actually detract from the message on your site.

A crisp, clean look makes your website look professional. Using gradients sparingly goes a long way in doing that. Gradient use gives a subtle, yet attractive look to menus and buttons. However, overuse of gradients makes it look like you are trying too hard. People will know there is something off with your website-they just won’t know what it is.

An effective website makes it easy to find information. We recommend using buttons instead of images for the “call to action” messages on your pages. These are easy to see on the page and help move your potential client along to the purchase process. Finally, the addition of testimonials to your products or services page helps your potential clients see that others have seen value in what you provide. When possible, use specific testimonials for specific products or services.