Web Design & Development

The Web Design Proccess

The web design process can be intimidating. Devlopers love to throw technical jargon at you to confuse you. I make it easy in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Wireframe


I know what you're thinking.....why don't I just purchase a WordPress template and have someone cusomize it? The problem with that is that your website will look like many others out there who did the same thing. Why not have your site custom built? I will meet with you in person or on the phone to diagram where elements will go on each of your pages (called wireframing). This is just to get a basic layout of your website, so no colors or graphics are used here.

Step 2: Mockups


Here's where you get to see what each of your website pages will look like in every detail. I will design these in photoshop and review them with you in this second meeting. No code happens here, just a visual representation of your website.

Step 3: Web Development

As you know by know, I am a one-man show. The Web Development is where the rubber meets the road-where I (and only I) code your website on a testing domain. All of the design and functionality of your website is taken care of here.

Step 4: Edits

I will make your testing domain live for you to see and review. This is where you will see your living, breathing website for the first time in its coded glory! You and I will meet to discuss the look and functionality of your website and I will implement all changes requested by you at this stage. You will have 3 rounds of edits for this stage.

Step 5: Final Deliverable & Hosting

Final Deliverable

Here's where we cross the finish line! Your own website is ready to be moved to your domain of choice (I recommend using Namecheap) and hosted by a hosting company of your choice (I recommend HostGator). All balances are due at this stage before the site is delivered.