Logo & Marketing Material Design

Logo & Branding Design

While your website is your online brand and identity, your company logo is just as crucial to your overall company identity. I will create a clean, attractive, and powerful custom logo for your business. You and I will discuss ideas on color scheme (this will of course help determine the color scheme of your website as well) and what type of logo you want. For instance, do you want a script logo, one with initials, one with a graphic, or a combinations of these? Once developed, you of course will own the rights to your logo. I will carefully determine and create alternate logos to be used on different backgrounds.

Marketing Material Design

Branding consistency is crucial to your online marketing success, especially online. Yes, you still need business cards (and I can create those for you too), but you also need consistent branding on social media. Services like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube now give you the ability to have a profile AND cover photo, in order to add more branding to your profile. If you're not sure, take a look at my Facebook and Twitter pages and you'll see.